Thank You

Hi friends,

Last week was the end of writing 101 november courses, like I was so busy I couldn’t make the last assignment: Wrap it Up! . Guidelines wanted us to write on what we enjoyed and disliked. Instead, I’m going to write a ‘what I’m thankful for’ blog post considerating a prompt of last week Write Anything Wednesday Lets go then

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Same Feeling!

Hi friends,

Today we’ll explore a domain I have never written on: Music. Actually the writing 101 Day fifteen assignment: Take a cue from your readers wanted us to write on a suggestion a reader had made to us through the contact form as asked here but like in my case none of you suggested me something I ended up using one of the prompts given. Here it is…

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A Short Story

Hello buddies,

For our Writing 101 Day 13 assignment: Play with word count and according to the Day 13 blogging 101 assignment: Join (another) blogging event I chose to base my post on The Miniature writing challenge; but like I had recently written on ‘change‘ the challenge theme of this week, I decided to focus on the minitiature writing challenge #16 Short Story Prompt actually made for last week (Tuesday 10th November – Monday 16th November). So, here’s my Mini Short Story 😉

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