Thank You

Hi friends,

Last week was the end of writing 101 november courses, like I was so busy I couldn’t make the last assignment: Wrap it Up! . Guidelines wanted us to write on what we enjoyed and disliked. Instead, I’m going to write a ‘what I’m thankful for’ blog post considerating a prompt of last week Write Anything Wednesday Lets go then

Thank you Writing 101 for showing me that it’s possible to write even without inspiration just base on one word.

Thank you for I didn’t know I could make a post out of a list.

Thank you for making me to discover a bit more about myself and my writing ‘spirit’.

Thank you for without you never would I have gone to twitter looking for inspiration.

Thank you for even though I knew quotes were inspiring, you really helped me in going deeper.

Thank you for you tought me not to use images only to confirm my words but to look my words through them.

Thank you for you made me to realise a post can be short and still be pleasant to write.

Thank you for you introduced me to poetry (and I’m pretty good at it! I might join the December courses ‘A day, a poem’ who knows?)

Thank you for introducing me to this new letter format!

Thank you for if not for you I’d never have been interviewed for the very first time.

Just thank you. Thank you for this amazing english month we spent together, thank you for everything!

Sorry for the mistakes, you know I’m still improving my english but still don’t forget to vote here


A propos Mathy

I’m Mathy and I’m here because I heard that your blog is your place and I needed one of my own where I could express myself on « human feelings », « love », « relationships », « beauty », « life’s adventure »... Stay tunned!
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2 commentaires pour Thank You

  1. tatjanamb dit :

    I’m thinking about the December course (poetry), too :OK: . Maybe see you there, Mathy 🙂 .


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