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I guess y’all saw the upcoming event of yesterday? The Miniature writing challenge. Well this week it has to do with dark periods. With darkness being my domain I had many ideas but instead, I decided to continue this short story. It is ok by you?

Write a poem or short story about a dark period in someone’s life. A time of sadness, a time or loss, a time of grief, a time of fear or a time of depression.

The film began in a total silence. Like they had seen it through the making of they were’nt really looking at it. What really interessed them was the public’s attitude. So they were looking through the theatre, searching for facial expressions , wide opening their ears for feedbacks or comments. But nothing showed up.

Jack started to feel the fear seizing him as he was thinking « What if people don’t like my film? It will mean I’m not good at producing films? What will happen next if it happens? »

He was brought out of his thoughts by Jen who was ‘praying’ for her acting to be accepted; she was thinking « I made so much sacrifices to reach here, why is no one saying something? Does it means I’m that bad? Ô God please let it not be… » She was still thinking when Clark asked his way out: They were all petrified with fear , the fear of a crushing failure . Was it rightly? Should they really expect the worst?

Sorry for the mistakes, you know I’m still improving my english but still don’t forget to vote here

A propos Mathy

I’m Mathy and I’m here because I heard that your blog is your place and I needed one of my own where I could express myself on « human feelings », « love », « relationships », « beauty », « life’s adventure »... Stay tunned!
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6 commentaires pour Anxiety

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  2. Sir Tonix dit :

    How does it end???


  3. Baheya dit :

    Beautiful interpretation of the theme! I hope you participate every week. =)


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