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Hello guys!
[Si tu n’comprends pas pourquoi j’écris en Anglais lis ceci]

It’s a new week starting. How is it going on your side? Today I’m going to describe the place where I write in response of our Day six writing 101’s assignment. So lets go…

1- Where do I write?

Mostly it is in my bedroom, either very late (10 pm) or very early (just like now 1.30 am) because those are the only free moments I have in a day. This doesn’t mean that i prefer / need a quiet room, door closed away from civilization to write, no; even with people / noise around I can write. As long as my mind is clear / free I don’t mind the surrondings actually.

2- What are my writing habits?

Most of the time, before I go to sleep or just when I wake up, on my bed, not totally lying, not really sitting, bended on my computer / wordpress phone’s app I start. How do I proceed? I write directly into a new article what I have in mind. Then after, I consider the objective of the post to arrange the ideas, expand the post, add category (ies) and tags. If I still find it incomplete I save the draft for later but if not I begin with the form; that is high-lighting some words, puting others in italic, adding images & links, justifying the text… when form’s ok I work on the mistakes I see or ask a friend to read me. And when all is done, I publish (or plan for publication) the post.

3- What equipment or supplies do I use to write?

I guess from what I said up you got it: just a computer or a phone. It only once that I used a pen and a paper to write down a post: actually I had so much to say that I had to write all the ideas down and make a choice or arrange them proprely. But since then, I’ve always used my phone. At the beginning I was writing the hole post as a draft through my phone web browser (when I wasn’t aware of the App) and was doing all the arrangements on my computer. But when I discovered the app, from the draft to a complete clean post I do it on my app and mostly within an hour for a post.

So as you can see, I don’t really have a place where I write. As long as I have an idea of post and my phone I write. With people around or not, with noise or in a quiet place, in a coffee shop, in class, on the road, in my bedroom, everywhere. What you need to know is that when I write, nothing else counts, neither people nor things, I’m in my mind, my world and I love it!

But at times I find it difficult to have inspiration about what to write so if you’re having any sort of suggestion for a post, please leave a comment or fill the form on my contact page. Thank youuu. I hope to hear from you guys shortly!

Sorry for the mistakes I’m still improving my English


A propos Mathy

I’m Mathy and I’m here because I heard that your blog is your place and I needed one of my own where I could express myself on « human feelings », « love », « relationships », « beauty », « life’s adventure »... Stay tunned!
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4 commentaires pour My writing Place

  1. engie2313 dit :

    bonne soirée. Trés Bien… J’aime beaucoup ton blog. Je vous remercie de l’écriture dans les deux langues. As you can see, my French grammar needs work as well. 🙂


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