Be true, be you!

Hi y’all
[Si tu n’comprends pas pourquoi j’écris en Anglais lis ceci]

A day late, here am I, doing my 5th writing 101’s assignment Hook’em with a quote meaning « use a quote or passage from something you’ve read to introduce your post. What a funny idea, never thought of such a thing so I’m glad giving it a try.

[H]iding how you really feel and trying to make everyone happy doesn’t make you nice, it just makes you a liar.

Jenny O’Connell , The Book of Luke

How do you feel about this statement? True or false? As for me, I totally agree with it! In fact, it’s something I’ve got to experiment the truthfulness.

Hiding how you really feel is source of frustration. You’re keeping everthing to yourself, never showing up, playing the strong girl [or boy] who’s never weak but at which price? Accumulating all sorts of negative feelings ends up killing you from the inside.

Trying to make everyone happy is even worse. First of all lets be clear It’s totally impossible for a normal human being [even an extraordinary one] to fullfill such a thing like pleasing everybody so why try? You’ll end up loosing your time and energy to achieve an unrealisable dream which will add to your frustration.

And as Jenny said, it doesn’t make you nice. In the contrary, the more you give, the more people will ask from you without even showing any sort of recognition . The unbelievable thing here is that the day you’ll say not being able to help them [or just taking a rest] you’ll see their true faces, tagging you of selfishness. Beware!!!

Oh yes it just makes you a liar. A liar to yourself by pretenting you can be well keeping your feelings to yourself: We always need someone at least to rely on and share. A liar to everyone claiming you can satisfy/please them: Just a liar.

So I used to be in those shoes but when I realised I was just going to my early grave I stopped everything. Of course I’m still gentle and I help whenever possible but no more to an extend of puting my mental health at risk. Do the same!!!

Sorry for the mistakes I’m still improving my English


A propos Mathy

I’m Mathy and I’m here because I heard that your blog is your place and I needed one of my own where I could express myself on « human feelings », « love », « relationships », « beauty », « life’s adventure »... Stay tunned!
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10 commentaires pour Be true, be you!

  1. Nkensa dit :

    And it seems your english is getting better by the post… better and better, post by post… you smart, hard working, and beautiful woman…


  2. Nkensa dit :

    j’aime (no wp credentials)


  3. Roo's Muse dit :

    Your English is fine. I’m a fellow ‘liar’. I appreciate your feelings.


  4. josephinejie dit :

    Your english is great! You have nothing to worry about. Love the topic you’re choosing btw I think it’s important for more people to be prone to this matter- we only live once afterall. 🙃


  5. bookloverfob dit :

    I do that often! Oops… Great post though!!! X


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