Blogging 101 Day One: Introduction

Hi fellows!
[Si tu n’comprends pas pourquoi j’écris en Anglais lis ceci]

As explained here I’m into the blogging 101 November course. Each day we’ll be having an assignment. For this first one we are supposed to introduce ourselves to the world. So lets get going…

They gave us some guidelines about how to proceed. It true that i had already done such thing on my introduction article here and even on my biography but still i’m going to follow their steps.

1- who I am

I’m Mathy (yep on the web that’s my name) nothing much, first of a familly of three children with both parents still alive (i’m gratefull as well). Actually i’m into computer sciences specially networks but we won’t talk of it here.

2- why I’m here

I’m here because I heard that your blog is your place and I needed one of my own where I could express myself but I’ll be also blogging about these little things of life that we don’t usually pay attention but wish make life so amazing.

Hope I would connect to great bloggers and people worldwide sharing on their cultures and lifestyles.

I’m particularly interessed in « human feelings », « love », « relationships », « beauty », « life’s adventure » but I could as well talk on topics like natural beauty, make up tips, cooking advices, mangas or cartoons (ooh yes) in short about everything!

Welcome to my blog!
Sorry for the mistakes, I’m still improving my english! »


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